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Become an android app developer with MIT App Inventor.


Hello, have you at a point in time had an idea of an application you wish you could build yourself. Developing some applications can be very complicated and requires advanced programming knowledge. However, they are some apps that do not require much complexity to develop. This course has been designed to give you the fundamental knowledge you need to build very simple applications.  The course assumes you are a beginner and has no prior knowledge of programming. Perhaps you have basic programming knowledge, that will be a plus. All that is required of you in this course is to have a computer, a Gmail account, an Android phone, and fundamental computer knowledge.

The first project in this course is a Text To Speech App. This project will get you acquainted with the MIT app inventor interface.

Then we’ll take it a step further and build a Simple Calculator. The essence of this project is to introduce you to fundamental terms and keywords used in programming languages generally. you will learn concepts such as variables, list, operators, loops, if statements, and many more.

The third and final project is a Quiz App. This is a more “advanced beginner” project. This ap allows the entering of questions and retrieval of those questions during the quiz. You will be able to set questions of your choice and have your friends and family answer them. It is an
example of an app with dynamic, user-generated data. The data is persistent, meaning if you close the app and reopen it, your data will still be there.

That that we have a broad scope and idea of what we can be achieved from this course, let’s get learning and creative.

Course Curriculum

Introduction ( Getting Started )
Setting up your MIT account 00:05:00
MIT App Inventor Interface
The Pallet, Viewer, Component & Properties Section 00:06:00
Image and Label Component 00:02:00
Layout Tab 00:04:00
How to nest layouts and add images to your app 00:06:00
Challenge One UI design 00:00
Challenge One Solution 00:12:00
Download Starter App 00:05:00
Code Blocks Explained – Part 1 00:06:00
Code Blocks Explained – Part 2 00:10:00
First Project ( Text to Speech App )
Connecting App inventor to Android for debugging purpose 00:10:00
Build Application’s User Interface & Logic 00:05:00
Toggle image visibility with blocks 300:05
More on Logic (Decision making with blocks) FREE 00:09:00
Creating an APK file to install our App on android phones 00:02:00
Simple Calculator
Calculator User Interface 00:09:00
Calculator – Code Blocks 00:10:00
Introduction To Map Component
Map and Marker component 00:08:00
Map code Blocks 00:10:00
Set Locations 2, 00:00
Bonus Project
Build a Quiz App 00:00:00

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